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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 24, 2013 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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explosion rocked the westgate mall in nairobi, kenya. the kenyon government says on twitter it is in charge of the mall. reporting that al-shabaab says militants are quote still holding their ground but it is not clear how many hostages if any were freed. smoke rose from the complex well into the night. three attackers were confirmed killed and kenya's president is expected to address the nation today. will they or won't they? it is a day of high stakes at the u.n., all eyes on whether president obama will meet
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face-to-face with iran's new leader. tracy, do we think it is going to happen? >> reporter: it could but more likely analysts say not a formal meeting but perhaps something informal. the president speaks this morning. while he is likely to address syria and middle east peace all eyes will likely be on president obama and the new problem of iran whether or not they have any contact outside the formal meeting. if so it will be the first time something like this has happened in 30 years. the last time was president carter back in 1977. does he have the authority as he told nbc's ann curry to make a disarmorment deal with the united states? is iran ready to give up any nuclear capability when it comes to weapons of mass destruction?
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these are questions out there. also, the issue of syria huge at the able at the united nations and whether or not the u.s. is going to continue to push for u.n. resolution to back up the deal with russia to get rid of the chemical weapons in syria. former president bill clint made candid and personal remarks in an interview on late night. he described a personal connection to one of the victims of the attacks. >> i was looking at a picture on my phone of one of our great employees. 33-year-old dutch nurse who had just gotten her phd. she and her baby's father were
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in that mall and were killed. so this is very personal to me. we lost someone very important to us in africa that i was taking a picture of six weeks ago. >> clinton discussed the crisis in syria and u.s./russia relations. >> the u.n. report made it clear that the chemical weapons were fired from a place that the syrian government controlled and that there had never been any effort by the rebels to take it over. so nobody i know believes there is a reasonable chance that it wasn't the syrian government. getting russia and syria out into the open in an arena of accountability where they can't fool around with this, for mr. putin to benefit he has to deliver. if he delivered and lifted the burden of chemical weapons that would be great.
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if he got in the habitt of doing it and we switched to a peace process even better. > >> if she is running to your knowledge, blink twice. >> i blinked once. >> vice president joe biden says devastation is devastation. he toured damage monday from a helicopter. the death toll is up to eight. six people are still missing. >> i don't want folks here in shelters or watching on tv seeing the dysfunction of congress and thinking that all the relief efforts that they are now benefitting from and are likely to continue to benefit from are going to shut down. they will not shut down.
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>> and the back and forth continues and there is news of a break in the republican ranks. mitch mcconnell is pushing away from a plan from ted cruz. democrats vowed to remove the health care provision and hold a simple majority vote on the budget. in a new cnbc poll 50% of americans say the funding of obama care is not worth the government shut down. let's get you back to colorado where the second day of autumn felt more like winter in some parts. up to four inches of snow fell in the high country.
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n br . >> in montana winter storm watch. all the problems this morning are down in florida. this is where we have had a lot of heavy rain yesterday and continues right now. we have flood warnings around the greater tampa area. look at the big thunderstorms just below the weather channel logo there. those head through tampa. if we have concerns for travel this morning that is where it is going to be especially at the airports. minor delays for thunderstorms today, miami and new orleans. the rest of the forecast soggy in florida but soaked in sunshine elsewhere. a beautiful afternoon from colorado to the east coast. that is a look at the national forecast. here is a look outside your window.
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beautiful conditions. cool crisp morning. the afternoon will be gorgeous. philadelphia 72 and sunny. chicago partly cloudy and 71. looks like florida is going to stay pretty wet. i will tell you when they finally see the sunshine return. >> soaked in sunshine. >> that is better than the alternative. >> exactly. if you love french fries we have big news straight ahead. first the michael jackson wrongful death trial will hear closing arguments today.
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welcome back. president obama says he hasn't had a cigarette in six years. during a conversation at the u.n. the president opens up about why he hasn't lit up.
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>> no, no. i haven't in six years. that's because i'm scared of my wife. >> scared of his wife. a south carolina man has come forward as the winner of the jackpot. the ticket was bought at a murphy usa gas station in lexington. police in chicago arrested two men in connection with last thursday's shooting in a park. the 20 and 21 year old have been charged with attempted murder and battery. the irs official at the center of the scandal over targeting a conservative group is retiring. she had been on administrative leave since may. and this gorilla from a
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dallas zoo is heading to a gorilla therapy. his name is patrick. he weighs 430 pounds and zoo officials says he has a sexist attitude and shows aggression towards females. you have been warned. stocks ended monday on a down side. toys r us will hire 25,000 seasonal workers. this coin from 1988 was never released in circulation but did fetch $2.5 million in a sale. get ready for sat s fries. burger king is unveiling a crinkle cut french fry. a small order is about 270 calories versus 350 for a
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regular fry. the new fries are cooked in a batter that doesn't absorb as much oil but will cost 20 cents to 30 cents more per serving. expect americans to spend about $75 per person this halloween. pet owners spend $330 million to outfit their friends. a new study suggests messy desks can lead to more creative ideas. that explains it. coming up next all your sports highlights. first, a trivia question. there have been several nfl quarterbacks who played in super bowls for different teams. has any quarterback won a super bowl with two different teams? the answer when "early today" returns.
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any quarterback won the super bowl with two different teams. and the answer is no. although kraig morton and kurt warner started a super bowl for a second team they did not win. let's get the latest in sports. did you get that right?
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>> no. i kept thinking maybe one of the manning brothers, something like that. >> i guessed and i still got it wrong. monday night football peyton manning had a great start for getting the chance to win another super bowl. manning play action in the pass for the touchdown. second quarter manning connects with wes welker for the touchdown. 12 touchdown passes in first three games. and floyd mayweather tweeted that he won big by betting $220,000 on johnny manziel and texas a&m. not bad. the astros game against cleveland on sunday drew an
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official television rating of zero in houston. theastros lost. none of the households were tuned in. texas rangers the hit for the cycle with the double in the first inning and single in the third. rio smacked a home run in the fourth inning and hit a triple to the gap in right center field. angels left fielder making back-to-back spectacular catches first on a diving catch of a sinking liner. and on the next play he runs towards the wall for another great defensive play. do not try this at home. a soccer player dives head first into an on coming player with the ball. he gets kicked in the mouth by the opponent and loses three
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teeth in the process. that looks painful. team usa is fighting to stay alive in the america's cup race on monday. they held off new zealand which needs one more win. the u.s. needs to win three straight races for the victory. and former president george w. bush defended president obama's frequent trips to the golf course. >> i see our president criticized for playing golf. i think he ought to play golf. i know what it is like to be in the bubble. i know the pressures of the job. to get outside and play golf with your pals is important for the president. and a new record. chicken whisperrers launched their craft that flew 258 feet.
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just ahead the most tweeted moments from the emmy's and which mad men is going under the knife. and a full on breaking bad coming up when we come back.
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welcome back. entertainment news. the hollywood reporter has put together people's most tweeted
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moments from the awards. carrie underwood's performance took the hot spot and elton john was number two. the emmy awards brought in the highest viewership since 2005. "breaking bad" broke records with 6.6 million viewers. "mad men" friends do not fear john hamm will be undergoing throat surgery to have a polyp removed. the loseers got in free to the post party. kim kardashian is out of the post baby shadows with a new ad for her fragrance pure honey. she wants the scent to be light
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and sweet and powerfully seductive. and conan began his show with a new advertisement for "breaking bad" inspired workout equipment. >> introducing barrel flex, the full body barrel workout. experts agree rolling a barrel through the desert is a fast way to achieving a sexy look. >> are you a "breaking bad" fan? >> i am. i haven't had a chance to watch it in a long time. are you? >> i need to start because people love the show. this is "early today."
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happening today, virginia's governor is heading for the tomb of the unknowns. there will be a wreath laying ceremony. mcdonald was an active member of the military starting back in the 70s. governor mcdonald served 21 years in the army both active duty and reserves retiring as a lieutenant concerned in 1997. looks like you'll have to wait until next year to see the nationals in the postseason. they were eliminated from the playoffs. they lost to the cardinals.
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the pirates and reds won. that makes it impossible for the nats to clinch one of the spots. we knew it was a slim chance but still i was hoping against hope. what have we got? the redskins, the nationals. >> i hear the mystics are doing really well. >> wizards. go washington. >> wizards are coming up, too. >> coming up on 4:31 right now. 51 degrees right now outside our studios. >> let's check in with tom kiernan. chilly again. >> feeling like hockey weather. it's in the upper 30s. closer to washington, right around our immediate suburbs, nearby neighborhoods, down into the mid 40s. that includes most of prince gorges county, montgomery county, alexandria, falls church, generally around 50 degrees as is the district of columbia. elsewhere, mostly in the mid 40s.


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